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New Hampshire: Matty Cardaropole

Matty Cardaropole played Keith, the Arcade Guy, in both season 2 and 3 of Stranger Things and was born in Exeter, New Hampshire.

His role is pretty much the epitome of the dude that’s been in the arcade way too long and might be on something more than Mountain Dew and Cheetos. He’s also someone you can find in any comic shop, movie store (are those still a thing?), or music/record shop across the nation.

In season 2, we see him come up to Dustin and his friends as Dustin loses while playing Dragon’s Lair. Despite that loss, Dustin points out that he still has the top score on both Centipede and Dig Dug. Keith makes him question that.

This is how Max is introduced but the kids don’t know that yet. They just know that MADMAX is better than Dustin at arcade games.

But Keith isn’t all bad. He does shut down the Dig Dug machine to give Lucas a chance to talk to Max alone. Unfortunately, Lucas has to get him a date with Nancy in return, but no one ever said Keith was altruistic.

In season 3, we see Keith has changed jobs and now works at the video store, Family Video. When Steve and Robin go to apply for jobs there, Keith hires Robin but refuses to hire Steve based on what he said his three top movies were. It also doesn’t help that Steve possibly bullied Keith when they were in high school together.

Luckily, Robin convinces Keith that Steve’s appearance will ensure all the ladies come into the store, and based on that, Steve is hired!