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Missouri: Dustin’s shirt

Missouri has a couple of links to Netflix’s Stranger Things and one has to do with a shirt Dustin wore on the show. In season 2, Dustin wore a bright yellow T-shirt that says “Brace Yourself for the Future” and has a blue planet on it with a pair of teeth, a space shuttle, and a couple of people hanging from the teeth.

What would normally be just a shirt on a character turned into something else because it turned out an orthodontist Missouri had designed them 25 years ago to give to his patients.

How they got to the costume department on Stranger Things, nobody seems to know, but it was exciting for the orthodontist and the patients who still had the shirts. Now, you can get the t-shirt on Etsy and TeePublic if you want one.

The other Missouri connection is that in 2019, you could stay at a St. Louis, Missouri Airbnb that was completely decorated with Stranger Things-inspired 1980s decorations.

The suite was named “The Upside Den” and had all retro decor, a bunch of VHS tapes to watch, a VCR, and a wall with Joyce’s Christmas light alphabet. Luckily, no demogorgons or Mind Flayers allowed.

It looks like it’s still available to stay, but the rules of how many people can stay there or social-distancing rules may be different.