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Mississippi: The NeverEnding Story

Mississippi’s connection to Stranger Things requires a little bit of a story, so stick with me. Gerald McRaney played Bastian’s father in The NeverEnding Story, and he was originally born in Collins, Mississippi. And as you know if you’ve seen the last season of Stranger Things, The NeverEnding Story plays a pretty big role in the show.

The most memorable moment in season 3 (whether you like it or not) is when Hopper is trying to open a safe inside the base and needs the code. The code happens to be Planck’s constant which Dustin should know but he forgets, so he has to radio his girlfriend, Suzy. Unfortunately, she won’t give it to him unless he sings the theme song from The NeverEnding Story.

I know lots of people loved this, but for me, it was the worst minute and a half of the show ever. Making a character sing a whole song almost never works, especially when the show isn’t musical to begin with. It dragged during a moment that should have had us all at the edge of our seats.

It’s unfortunate that a movie that is a favorite for a lot of people couldn’t have a better moment in a show that’s all about everything ’80s and takes inspiration from so many other shows and movies.