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Michigan: Gaten Matarazzo went there once

Ok, look. Am I upset that something bigger and better doesn’t link Stranger Things to Michigan, my home state? Yes, but this is all we got.

The actor who plays Dustin, Gaten Matarazzo, was in Okemos, Michigan and he ate at the Stateside Deli. That’s it. That’s literally one of the only connections between The Wolverine State and Stranger Things.

I’ve never been to this deli, but I can almost guarantee it’s not even the best we have in the state. Like at least go to Stage Deli and get some real Jewish deli food. But whatever, I’m bitter.

Matarazzo was in the state because his band, Work In Progress, was playing at The Shelter in Detroit on Aug 9, 2019. He went with his family to the restaurant and ordered an omelet and pancakes (See! Not a real deli).

The owner of Stateside Deli didn’t even know who he was (season 3 had just come out) and it took his waiters to point it out before Matarazzo was recognized and people got pictures with him.

The only other connection I found is not any more exciting than this one. In 2017, the East Lansing Police decorated jail cells with Stranger Thing spoilers, so if you were arrested that weekend, you also would find out what happened in the new (at the time) season. Pretty sure you’d be too worried about being arrested but whatever.