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Maryland: Planck’s Constant

Maryland’s connection with the show has to do with a very memorable moment from season 3: Planck’s constant. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s the moment when no one can remember Planck’s constant, so Dustin has to radio his girlfriend, Suzie, and for her to tell him, he has to sing the song from The NeverEnding Story.

Well, according to The National Institute of Standards and Technology (which is located in Maryland), the number they used in the episode was not accurate for the time period.

The number that makes up Planck’s constant was changed in 2014 to be more accurate, so the number Suzie says and that opens the safe when Hopper plugs in the number is the number from 2014. Planck’s constant was different in 1985 when the episode took place.

The number in 2014 was 6.62607004 (without the numbers that come after) when in 1985 the constant was actually 6.626176* 10^-34.

It’s definitely one of those things that mathematicians and scientists love to point out but does it really matter or change how good the show is? Not really. It’s an interesting piece of trivia and gives us a connection between The Old Line State and Stranger Things, but that’s about it.