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Stranger Things season 2 production still. Photo: Courtesy Netflix
Stranger Things season 2 production still. Photo: Courtesy Netflix /

Maine: Bob Newby and Justin Doble

There are also a few links between Netflix’s Stranger Things and Maine. The first one has to do with writer Justin Doble. He is from Maine and wrote on four different episodes including episode 4 in season 1, episode 7 in season 2 where Eleven meets Eight, and episode 2 of season 2 where Dustin gets Dart.

He’s also writing on the new Lord of the Rings series on Amazon and he has written for Fringe, Into the Badlands, and Emerald City. Doble was also a producer on the first two seasons of Stranger Things.

The other connection to Maine is the one and only Bob Newby (RIP Bob). Bob Newby was also from Maine along with working in the Hawkins Radio Shack. Bob was one of the highlights of season 2 because of how much he cared for Will and Joyce, and because once he found out about the monsters, he was willing to help fight them and ended up dying in the process.

The love for Bob was also most likely because he was played by Sean Astin aka Samwise Gamgee. Whether you first saw him in Rudy or as the best friend a Hobbit could have in The Lord of the Rings, he has been in our lives in one way or another as a loveable character. Bob is just another lovely character to add to his resume.