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Hawaii: Hopper’s shirt in Stranger Things season 3

Hawaii doesn’t have much in common with Stranger Things, but there is one thing from season 3 that links The Aloha State and the Netflix show. What is it? It’s Hopper’s Hawaiian dad shirt, of course. What better way to show Hopper has taken on his full dad role than with a Hawaiian shirt? Every dad has one (or they should).

The Hawaiian shirt from season 3 even became so iconic and well-known that clothing designers came out with their own versions of it. Floral, short-sleeve, button-ups are all the rage for everyone no matter your gender.

While Hopper might have bought one (or had his secretary buy it) to try to be his own version of Magnum P.I., you don’t need a full mustache and a grouchy attitude to sport your own floral shirt. You can find a bunch of recreations of this now-classic shirt on Amazon.

The costume designer on the show, Amy Parris, even added a label on it that is similar to the ones you’d see at the time. That is dedication!

And since the shirt goes through a lot of action as Hopper, Joyce, Alexei, and Murray try to figure out what’s going on in town and what’s up with the Russians at the mall, there were actually five identical versions of the shirt so it could be switched out if it got too dirty or torn up.