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Stranger Things 3 promo still. Photo: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 promo still. Photo: Netflix /

Georgia: Priah Ferguson, where the show is filmed and more

Georgia also has quite a few connections between it and Stranger Things. The first one is that the show is filmed in Georgia. It’s mainly filmed in Atlanta but also in a few other surrounding areas, including Jackson, Emory University, and East Point First Baptist Church which, oddly enough, serves as the Hawkins General Hospital. So when Nancy was running through the hallways, she was running through a church!

Most of the interior sets like inside the kids’ homes were built and filmed on sound stages in EUE Screen Gem Studios in Atlanta.

Priah Ferguson, who played possibly one of the best characters the show has ever seen, Erica Sinclair, Lucas’s precocious sister, is also from Georgia. Erica has shown she’s just as much up for adventure as her brother. It’s hard to forget her crawling through the vents in the mall trying to figure out what is up with the Russians. There is also her classic line “Can’t spell America without Erica.” She is an absolute delight!

Another fan-favorite actor from the show is also from Georgia. Shannon Purser who played the beloved but gone before her time, Barb Holland. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and besides Stranger Things, she plays Ethel Muggs in Riverdale.

Georgia is clearly another state that could be called The Stranger Things State because of how much it’s connected with the show.