How we can use Dark Phoenix to predict the Stranger Things ending

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1. Dark Eleven

When we first see the Dark Phoenix, it’s not actually Jean Grey. In Avengers vs X-Men, we see how the Phoenix Force can make even the noblest of people do things they’d regret. It made Cyclops kill his mentor and father figure, Professor Xavier. Scott Summers would never do that. With a cosmic being altering his normally rational thoughts, he committed an atrocity that he’ll never forget. During that series, we see Colossus and Magik almost beat Spider-Man to death. Later, Emma Frost made some of the X-Men bow to her. Well, the latter may not be so far-fetched.

How does this connect to Stranger Things?

We can’t forget that Eleven is a teenager. She’s had to make a lot of adult decisions and grow up quickly and she can’t even get a driver’s permit. Eleven and her friends are full of irrational emotions that take years to overcome. Some people never get over them. If someone close to her is killed while she’s using her powers, she is going to lash out. When that happens, she could aim for an enemy and hit her friend. This will start Eleven on a path of becoming a darker version of herself. She may go on a quest of revenge. Looking to kill everyone that hurt the people she cares about. This will lead to a season 5 where her friends have to stop her.

What do you think? Are there other moments from the Phoenix that could predict the ending of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments below.

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