How we can use Dark Phoenix to predict the Stranger Things ending

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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2. Russian Hellfire Club

People tend to only remember the battle with the Shi’ar, forgetting how much the Hellfire Club had to do with the Dark Phoenix Saga.  The Hellfire Club used one of their most powerful telepaths (Jason Wyngarde) to help control the Phoenix who was posing as Jean Grey. The Hellfire Club planned on controlling Jean Grey and making her the Hellfire Club’s new Black Queen. As we see, it didn’t work. In fact, Wyngarde made things worse. He was the one that turned Phoenix into the Dark Phoenix. It’s always the villains that ruin things for everyone.

How does this connect to Stranger Things?

In season 3 of Stranger Things, we saw that Russia was experimenting on the Upside Down and that they have a Demogorgon. They obviously have something going on and have for a while. Their reach went all the way to the United States. This didn’t happen overnight and it takes careful planning and, more importantly, funding.

We can assume that someone rich is putting money into the experiments on the Upside Down and on the Demogorgon. The Russian Government or a secret group are definitely responsible for what’s going on. Now, just like Jason Wyngarde in Marvel Comics, someone within their group is going to cause our next and final section.