Stranger Things Day: Season 1 rewind

Stranger Things season 1 production still. Photo: Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things season 1 production still. Photo: Curtis Baker/Netflix /
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Stranger Things
Stranger Things – Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix /

What is Stranger Things Day?

Today is Stranger Things Day! To celebrate, we’re taking a trip down memory lane back to Stranger Things season 1. We’re remembering what made the first season special, how the characters have evolved and some of our favorite moments.

We’ve actually been celebrating Stranger Things Day all week long. If you missed out, check it out now.

There’s just something about Stranger Things season 1 that’s so memorable. While seasons 2 and 3 are definitely impressive, the first season is my favorite. I think the story as a whole was really well-written and fleshed out, each character brought something to the screen and it had a really good balance of intense, emotional and comedy.

I think what made the first season really stick out was the mystery of the Upside Down and the Demogorgon. We were kept on our toes and really didn’t know much about the show’s big bad. Most of the time we were learning things with the characters, which made you want to keep watching and clicking that “next episode” button. I lost a bit of that feeling in season 3 because we knew everything about the Mind Flayer and what it was planning. We were basically just watching the characters learn things we already knew.

And though I wanted to punch Papa in the face, his involvement and the government side of it all really tied in well with the overall plot.

The kids of course were a big draw. Though we didn’t see much of Will in the first season, Noah Schnapp did so well in capturing the real fear Will was going through. It was truly amazing to see that talent at such a young age.

And of course, that applies to Millie Bobby Brown as well. Adults find it difficult to act when they can’t say much, so I can’t imagine the skill it took for Millie to do it. The rest of the kids are such a joy to watch and each of them are talented in their own ways. The chemistry between the young actors really translated to us as an audience that made us feel an immediate connection to them. Their friendship and devotion to each other is really heartwarming.

And finally, I think what grabbed people’s attention from the start is the time period. I am too young and wasn’t even born in the 80’s. But I’ve heard from many people that the Duffer Brothers really got it right. The show makes those who grew up in the 80’s nostalgic. And for the younger ones like me, there’s something about that time that just draws you in.