Stranger Things Day: Best Stranger Things merchandise

Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix /

A list of the best Stranger Things merchandise on Stranger Things Day

Happy Stranger Things Day!

Fans of the series Stranger Things are anxiously waiting for news of season 4 release date, and while we wait, let’s buy things to add to our collections.

Sure, you have the normal collectibles, but what unique items do you have?

We shared a list of Stranger Things items you need to buy.

1. Friends don’t lie raglan tee

El is adamant that Friends don’t lie. She takes this seriously and expects the same from all her friends and family. Now you can wear this as your own mantra as well.

BUT IT NOW: Hot Topic for $21.52

2. Starcourt Mall Mini Backpack

No collection can be complete without this adorable Starcourt Mall backpack. Look how adorable the characters look!

Strap on your backpack and head to the mall for some Scoops Ahoy ice cream, sneak into a movie and do some shopping.

BUY IT NOW: Hot Topic for $59.92

3. Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Bowl and Scooper Set

You, too, can be part of the Scoops Troop with your own ice cream bowl and scoop set. You can feel just like Robin and Steve when you scoop your favorite frozen treat.

BUY IT NOW: Hot Topic for $18.32

4. Eleven Dainty Necklace

Now you can channel your inner Eleven with this adorably dainty necklace. It is silver-toned and stamped with the number 11.

BUY IT NOW: Hot Topic for $9.90

5. The Upside Down LEGO Building Kit

I just officially added this to my own Christmas list. This 2,287 piece LEGO kit is outstanding for the die-hard fan. The details are amazing and what a great addition to any Stranger Things collection.

BUY IT NOW: Amazon for $199.99

6. 50 Piece Decal Set

Put them on your laptop, car, skateboard, phone, luggage, etc. Show the world you are a fan of Stranger Things with this amazing sticker set and deck out all of your things with these great decals.

BUY IT NOW: Amazon for $5.99

7. Stranger Things Mask

If we are going to wear masks, we might as well do it with some style. This amazing Alphabet Wall mask will show everyone what fandom you follow.

BUY IT NOW: Amazon for $14.99

8. Dustin Chia Pet

Well, this is a no brainer. Who wouldn’t want a Dustin Chia Pet? You can grow out his hair and trim it when it becomes unruly.

BUY IT NOW: Amazon for $19.97

9. Eyeshadow Palette

Now you can be Bitchin’ just Eleven with this amazing eyeshadow palette. The colors are vibrant and fun, with each color being named after a main character.

BUY IT NOW: Amazon for $18.99

10. Party Supplies

When you celebrate Stranger Things Day, you will need some awesome party supplies. This set includes red cutlery, Eggo dessert plates, Stranger Things dinner plates and napkins with El on one side and Barb on the other side.

BUY IT NOW: Amazon for $20.98

The vast array of merchandise for Stranger Things is amazing. Just search for Stranger Things merch and you can find an amazon assortment of items. There are costumes, graphic novels, books, Funko’s, posters, and art and the list goes on.

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