Casetify is dropping an epic Stranger Things phone case collection

Casetify Stranger Things Collection - Friends Don't Lie
Casetify Stranger Things Collection - Friends Don't Lie /

Calling all Stranger Things fans! If you want to add to your collection of themed merchandise, then I have some great news for you. For those of you who don’t know, tomorrow is the anniversary of Will Byers’ disappearance, an event chronicled in the show’s very first episode. In honor of this fictional commemoration, CASETiFY is releasing a set of products inspired by the popular show.

The collection includes new designs and limited addition accessories inspired by all of your favorite characters from Hawkins, Indiana. The products will feature Easter eggs from the series, as well as new features such as a glow-in-the-dark case!

My personal favorite is a phone case that looks like a 3-D waffle (Eleven‘s favorite treat!) and has the classic phrase “Friends Don’t Lie” printed on it. You can also customize your phone case with upside-down text, a detail inspired by the show’s title sequence. How cool is that?!

BUY IT HERE: CASETiFY’s Stranger Things Collection

All of the products in the Stranger Things collection are compatible with a number of devices, including various iterations of iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watches, just to name a few. The items will retail for $25 USD and above.

You can check out photos of some of the items in the Stranger Things x CASETiFY collaboration below.

Stranger Things phone case
Casetify – Stranger Things phone collection /
Stranger Things phone case collection
Casetify Stranger Things phone collection /

Here is what CASETiFY co-founder and CEO West Ng had to say about the upcoming themed collection:

"This collection is dedicated to the superfans who enjoy life’s unexpected adventures. The culture around Netflix’s beloved show proves the power of an unbreakable bond, and we’re proud to give Stranger Things fans a whole new way to rep their love for their favorite iconic characters."

This collection marks the first collaboration between Netflix and CASETiFY. With any luck, we’ll be getting some more Netflix-inspired CASETiFY products in the future!

You can get early access to the Stranger Things collection by reserving a spot on the waitlist, which can be found here. The full collection will be available to start purchasing on November 6.

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