Will we see more people with powers like Eleven and Kali in Stranger Things?

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Will we see more people with powers in Stranger Things season 4?

Since the beginning of Stranger Things, there’s always been the possibility of more children or people gifted like Eleven in this universe. She got her name thanks to the “011” tattooed on her arm. A number sequence that suggested that at least 10 other characters had been experimented on besides her.

Season 2 introduced Kali also known as Eight. She’s older than El by a few years with differing powers–the ability to make people see what she wants them to see and clairvoyance once in motion. El is made aware of her existence thanks to her mother, Terry. The research she gathered of missing person’s cases she suspected could be linked to Brenner helped El find Kali. It’s likely it could help her find others like her, too.

In the file El flips through in episode seven of season 2–“The Lost Sister”–there are news clippings about a Cleveland teen girl who went missing in Indiana, a baby that was abducted from a hospital in Memphis, a case in San Diego, a missing father and daughter probably from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, a case involving a Justice Sotomayor, and information on Kali’s disappearance.

In total that’s potentially seven characters that could have significance in the story if the writers choose to expand on a storyline concerning the other people Brenner experimented on. The teen girl would be an adult woman now. The baby could be around El’s age. There are many avenues the show could take with these gifted individuals.

Kali’s presence on the show added a different world view and perspective on how to exist outside of the lab, how to survive. It would be interesting to see how each of the lab survivors see the world around them and how they choose to navigate it.

There is currently a comic series that ties into the show and centers on those who escaped from Brenner’s lab. Screenrant speculates that the content in these comics could play a major role in season 4. After all, within those pages the subjects of Brenner’s experiments are gathering together and could come to El’s aid when the Mind Flayer inevitably strikes again.

But the thing about expanded universes is that they can be overridden by what happens in the television series. Show canon always takes precedence over supplementary canon found in tie-in material. This is because casual viewers glean information about the characters and universe from the original source and tend not to seek additional media or may not know it exists.

Therefore, writers can choose to completely disregard the history, character development, and background they create in media outside of their shows because it’s of a separate canon and treated differently. They can contradict themselves or explore relationships and themes they have no intention on bringing into the show because the majority of people won’t know that they did it or simply won’t count it into their understanding of the show’s overall universe.

So the events that occur in Into the Fire, where three of the experimented on make it their mission to rescue their fellow lab victims, could come up in the show or it could not. The story could change according to the needs of the season.

Kali could come across more people like her and El, or she could be with her sister when these individuals find them, or she could be absent from the season once again, or another lab survivor could find El. It’s really up in the air because what’s happening in the comics isn’t informed by where we left off in the show. It’s its own entity and therefore not subject to accepted canon or guaranteed to play into the show’s narrative.

It’s our hope, though, that we do get to meet the other numbered survivors onscreen. While we love the Hawkins crew, seeing El with Kali and others like them would be so cool. Especially if they’re all using their powers to save the day. Kind of like Stranger Things‘ own super-powered group with a whole lot of trauma and rage to work through. Also it would be incredibly satisfying to see all of Brenner’s “kids” take him down together. Family bonding at its finest.

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