5 ways Eleven and Stranger Things is similar to Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix

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Stranger Things Image courtesy of Netflix. /
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1. Ready to sacrifice herself

Throughout her time as a hero, Jean Grey has been willing to give up her body for the good of the universe. It’s what makes her such a good hero. She’ll never ask someone to do something that she can do herself. She’s the first one to step in front of a bullet or die in a spaceship so her teammates can get back to Earth. The Phoenix was the same. While it was posing as Jean Grey, it was willing to kill itself so it wouldn’t potentially destroy the universe. People forget that it wasn’t Jean Grey that died at the end of that series.

How does this connect to Eleven?

How many times have we seen Eleven put herself in danger to protect her friends? At least a dozen and without hesitation, too. It’s one of her more admirable qualities to which there are many. If it came down to it, Eleven would let herself be killed if it meant that the people she cared about lived. It has nothing to do with her having powers either. Eleven is a hero. She’d do it if she was powerless. Don’t be shocked when the final season of Stranger Things ends with Eleven forfeiting her life.

What do you think? What other qualities do both Jean Grey/Eleven have in common? Let us know in the comments below.

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