5 ways Eleven and Stranger Things is similar to Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix

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3. Rage

For the most part, Jean Grey remains calm (except that one time with Emma Frost). You’ll rarely see her lose control like Wolverine. Mostly because her losing it is more destructive than we know. Her telekinesis could level cities and her telepathy could leave millions brain dead. That kind of power doesn’t allow someone to get angry too often. The Dark Phoenix is a different story.

The Dark Phoenix has had to be put down on multiple occasions. Most notably, it was during the Dark Phoenix Saga. We saw it again during Avengers vs X-Men. Because the entity lacks human emotions, it easily succumbs to whatever the host is feeling. Because of that, you get a cosmic force with a lot of uncontrollable anger.

How does this connect to Eleven?

Thankfully for everyone around her, Eleven doesn’t have the rage that the Dark Phoenix does, although she definitely has some. What she does have is teenage emotions. So she’ll do irrational things like slamming the door when she mad at Hopper.

Her rage is also due to the things that the scientists did to her. No one can fault her for taking out her oppressors. They abused her. Had any of us been in that situation, we would have done the same thing. Maybe worse.

Let’s see what she does to the people who kidnapped Hopper.