Stranger Things: The science of the Upside Down and monsters

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Is Dart a Demogorgon in Stranger Things?

Demodogs, who first appeared in season 2 of Stranger Things, get their name from the fact that they are younger versions of a Demogorgon that walk on four legs similar to that of a dog or wolf. While Demogorgons also have been seen maneuvering as a Quadraped, they have also showcased several times the ability to walk on two legs and stand up staring just like a human.

The Demogorgon starts out as a small creature resembling a slime-like substance. As they begin to grow, they occupy a polliwog stage as part of their metamorphosis for about a year and then begin to move rapidly into the adolescent phase, where it grows legs. Soon after that, the tooth-heavy Venus-flytrap-esque facial design begins to take form. Also, during this period, the creature will begin to gain its thirst for flesh and blood. As it consumes, it grows very quickly, shedding its skin like a snake along the way.

There isn’t much lore connect with Demodogs aside from the associations made via the Demogorgon. The closest thing would probably be the name that Dustin gives to his pet Demodog, which is Dart. Dart is actually short for D’Artagnan, which is the name of a character from Alex Dumas’s classic story The Three Musketeers. He chose this because of Dart’s fondness for the chocolate nougat filling of the Three Musketeers candy bar.