Stranger Things: The science of the Upside Down and monsters

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What is The Gate in Stranger Things?

The only way to access the Upside Down is to find or make a breach between the two parallel dimensions. This phenomenon was first seen in the depths of Hawkins National Laboratory, but it was quickly made apparent that there were several of these openings spread across the area. These included the opening in the woods that Nancy ended up going through, the hole in the wall at the Byers residence, beneath Starcourt mall, and all the way in Russia.

The gate can only be created by a massive amount of power, the first of which was done by Eleven, and it’s seen in Stranger Things season 3 that machines have been created to do the same. The boys’ teacher, Mr. Clarke, explains to them the manner in which to travel there with the help of a flea, acrobat, paper plate, and hole.

Essentially he explains the idea of parallel universes, and the way to get there is to fold space and time so that a hole can be made, allowing travel between the two realms possible.

"“Picture an acrobat standing on a tightrope. Now, the tightrope is our dimension and our dimension has rules. You can move forwards, or backwards. But, what if right next to our acrobat, there is a flea? Now the flea can also travel back and forth just like the acrobat. Here’s where things get really interesting: the flea can also travel this way, along the side of the rope. It can even go underneath the rope.”"

A slime-like membrane covers the glowing red opening on each of the breaches, and it acts almost as if it is alive itself, reacting to the environment around it. The gate itself pulsates like a beating heart, and emanating from the other side are tentacle-like vines that slither through almost as if they were adapting the area for its host as well as strengthening its grasp on the new reality.