Stranger Things: All the characters killed by monsters

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Remembering the fallen characters in Stranger Things

Stranger Things has killed off its fair share of characters in gruesome ways.

Today, on Upside Down Appreciation Day for Stranger Things Week, we remember all the characters that have been killed by the Upside Down and its inhabitants, the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer. Oh, and those evil scientists and Russians.

The Scientist

This guy worked at Hawkins National Laboratory and escaped the tank room with a monster close on his heels. Just when he thought he was safe inside the elevator and would be able to escape the building, he hears something above the elevator. We see him snatched away, presumably to his death.

Benny Hammond

Benny was a teddy bear of a man. He had a big growl but a tender heart. We saw this when he first yelled at Eleven for stealing food, but once he realized she was a child in trouble, he softens toward her. Sadly, he was killed when he was trying to get help for the traumatized Eleven. He was killed by Connie Frazier.

Barbara Holland

Poor Barb. She was a loyal friend of Nancy. After Nancy started dating the King of Hawkins, Steve Harrington, Barb told her, “Nance, seriously, you’re gonna be so cool now, it’s ridiculous. — You better still hang out with me, that’s all I’m saying.”

And sadly, Nancy turned her back on Barb, which ultimately led to her being taken to the Upside Down, where she eventually died.


The Henderson family cat, Mews, was beloved by Claudia, Dustin’s mother. Poor Mews was just going about her day when Dart decided she would be a good meal. As you will recall, Dart was Dustin’s adopted pet, which turned out to be a Demodog, an adolescent form of the Demogorgon.

Everyone at the Hawkins National Lab 

When The Mind Flayer used Will to attack the lab, so many people died. RIP.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

Bob Newby

Sweet, good-natured Bob. He brought so much joy to the Byers family. He was a bit dorky but was genuine and just an all-around good guy. He risked his life to allow everyone to escape from the Hawkins Lab. Just when you thought he made it out alive, he was attacked by a pack of demodogs.

RIP Bob. You will be missed.

The Rats

Many rats gave up their lives to become the flesh of the Mind Flayer’s physical form. They were turned into gelatinous globs that created the Spider Monster when formed together with other living globs.

Bruce Lowe

Bruce was the overtly sexist co-worker of Nancy and Jonathan at the Hawkins Post. He was constantly belittling Nancy to the amusement of the other male journalists in the office. Nancy got her revenge when Bruce was flayed and came after her. She smashed his head in with a fire extinguisher.

Tom Halloway

Editor-in-Chief of the Hawkins Post, Tom, who along with Bruce, laughed and poked fun at Nancy when she came up with ideas of her own for the paper. Tom’s daughter, Heather, became flayed and she turned on her parents. After he was flayed, Tom tried to attack Nancy and Jonathan and was killed by Jonathan.

The Flayed 

Janet and Heather, wife and daughter to Tom, along with Mrs. Driscol and other Flayed, were melted into the gelatinous globs to add to the Mind Flayer’s physical form.

Dr. Alexei

Alexei was the cherry Slurpee-loving Russian charged with the task of making the Key work properly. Before his death, he did experience an American fair where he played many carnival games and won a huge stuffed Woody Woodpecker. He spent some of the last moments of his life having fun until the creep Grigori (see below) killed him.

Billy Hargrove

This guy came on the scene with wheels spinning and rock music blaring out of the windows of his blue Camero. He was verbally abusive to his stepsister Max, as well as most people he came in contact with. We find out this is a direct result of being abused by his father. Billy is chosen by the Mind Flayer to become his minion. He goes on to collect more humans to become part of the Mind Flayers’ physical form. He was killed at the Starcourt Mall when he sacrificed himself to the Mind Flayer.

The Russian Prisoner

Just when we thought things were going back to semi-normal in Hawkins, a prisoner in a Russian jail is shown being attacked by a demodog. Reminding us, it’s not over yet.

There’s sure to be more death and destruction in Stranger Things season 4!

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