Stranger Things: 8 must-have items for Barb fans

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Best Barb from Stranger Things merchandise

Happy Barb Day!

At Netflix Life, we’re celebrating Stranger Things all weeklong, and Tuesday, Nov. 3, is dedicated to Barb Holland.

Barb, played by Shannon Purser, died in the first season of Stranger Things, but she left her mark all over the hit Netflix original series. Fans love Bard, and luckily, there is plenty of great Barb-related merchandise to buy all over the web.

We shared a list of eight must-have items for Barb and Stranger Things fans!

Stranger Things
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1. Barb Funko POP

Funko is the king when it comes to Stranger Things collectibles. If you collect Funko POPs, you have to add Barb to your collection!

There are only a few of these available so you have act fast.

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Stranger Things
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2. Barb Funko POP Keychain

If you don’t want the full-size Funko POP or you just want to carry a little Barb with you all the time, you need this Barb Funko POP keychain for your bag or backpack.

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Stranger Things
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3. Barb Action Figure

This is the most realistic Barb toy on the market, which makes it a must-have for toy collectors and Barb fans. It’s so wild how much this toy looks like Barb!

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Stranger Things
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4. Barb Missing Poster

You can’t go wrong with this poster! I’m definitely getting one for my office.

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Stranger Things
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5. Barb Coffee Mug

Cheers to Barb, who we barely knew.

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6. Justice for Barb Hoodie 

Justice for Barb became a big deal after the first season of Stranger Things! Now, you can wear the slogan that kick-started the fandom all the time.

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Credit: Walmart
Credit: Walmart /

7. Have You Seen Barb? Beach Towel 

This towel is hilarious!

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8. The Book of Barb: A Celebration of Stranger Things’ Iconic Wing Woman 

I haven’t read this book. And, I didn’t know that it existed, but I’m definitely going to check it out now!

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