Stranger Things cast: Where were they during the 1980s?

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Stranger Things cast: David Harbour

Where was David Harbour during the 1980s? Harbour was… not in any TV and movies yet! That might come as a surprise to some fans of Stranger Things. 

Although many assume Harbour is an ’80s star, he didn’t get his big break in acting until 1999.

In fact, Harbour is only 45 years old. He was born on April 10, 1975, in New York, which makes him one of the younger older members of the Stranger Things cast. Harbour would have been only eight years old when the first season of Stranger Things takes place.

On one hand, Harbour likely relates to Stranger Things more than any other star of the series. He was almost the same age as Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven, and Max in the series. Actually, he would have been more like Erica’s age, but you know what I mean.

In an interview with The AV Club before Stranger Things season 3, Harbour put his pop culture knowledge on display and thoroughly lapped his fellow cast members in some movie trivia from the ’80s.

While Harbour was not a star way back when, he’s become one of the big stars in the last few years, which has helped him book roles in Marvel’s Black Widow, Hellboy, Suicide Squad, and more.

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