Stranger Things cast: Where were they during the 1980s?

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Stranger Things cast: Jake Busey

Jake Busey wasn’t in Stranger Things for long. You’ll remember him as Bruce, the reporter with the Hawkins Post who is always making fun of and belittling Nancy.

Don’t worry, Bruce gets his just desserts when he is flayed by the Mind Flayer and then melted into goop and molded into a bigger monster with Tom, the editor of the Hawkins Post.

Busey, who is the son of actor Gary Busey, got his start in movies quite young. His first official role was in Straight Time in 1978. Gary Busey and Dustin Hoffman starred in the movie.

During the 1980s, Busey had a few roles in movies. Busey’s next role was in 1982’s Barbarosa. Then, Busey didn’t appear in a movie for seven years. In 1989, he had a role in Hider in the House, and that’s when his acting career really got going.

Unfortunately, we won’t see Busey again in Stranger Things. There’s really no way to come back from getting melted into goop like his character was in Stranger Things season 3. It was not so fun while it lasted, Bruce!