5 good Netflix shows to watch in November 2020: The Crown and more

The Crown - Credit: Sophie Mutevelian/Netflix
The Crown - Credit: Sophie Mutevelian/Netflix /

Do you know which shows to watch on Netflix in November 2020? Below, we share five good ones not to miss, including The Crown season 4.

The year 2020 is nearly over, and good riddance! But before we welcome a new year, there are still two months of content Netflix has in store for us. What will you be watching? Need help deciding? We’re here to help!

As we get closer to December, you can expect to see more and more holiday and family content on the way.

Without a question, a new season of The Crown is the most anticipated series of the month. However, crime drama fans are also excited to watch Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? And for families who are searching for something to entertain their kids with, there’s that, too! Pretty much, the streaming titan has something coming for everyone.

5 good Netflix shows to watch in November 2020

Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? season 1

This documentary-style series will investigate the mysterious death of Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce as her death is still one of the most controversial criminal cases in Argentina. If you love crime dramas and documentaries on Netflix, this one is calling your name. Watch it on Nov. 5.

Country Ever After season 1

Another reality series is coming to Netflix! Country Ever After follows Coffey Anderson, a country singer, and his wife Criscilla, a hip-hop dancer, as they balance work, their relationship, and raising their kids. Both have a different preferred lifestyle, so it can get very country vs city. Be ready to join the family on Nov. 6.

Trash Truck season 1

Here’s an adorable animated series for the kids who are spending more time at home these days. The cartoon follows Hank, a 6-year-old boy with a larger-than-life imagination who learns about life along with his best pal, a trash truck. The kids can enjoy and follow along with Max beginning on Nov. 10.

The Crown season 4

This is one of the most anticipated shows of not just this month, but the year! Season 4 of The Crown finally makes its debut on Nov. 15. The new season will “close” the 1970s for Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) as she works on safeguarding the line of succession. Will the Queen be able to find a bride for Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor)?

A Queen is Born season 1

This series does not have an official release date just yet, but it is expected to arrive towards the end of November.

A Queen is Born follows drag queens Gloria Groove and Alexia Twister as they host the first original Brazilian reality show which will see an aspiring drag queen receive the help of Groove and Twister in getting the ultimate makeover!

What will you be watching on Netflix in November 2020?

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