What are the Unsolved Mysteries paranormal episodes?

Unsolved Mysteries key art. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.)
Unsolved Mysteries key art. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.) /

There are two Unsolved Mysteries paranormal episodes

Unsolved Mysteries paranormal episodes are among the favorites for many fans of the original seres.

Something that people liked about the original Unsolved Mysteries that Robert Stack hosted was the supernatural cases about ghosts and other unexplainable things. The Netflix reboot of the series has some format changes, such as focusing on a single case in each episode, instead of multiple ones. However, some things have also remained the same, like the type of cases featured.

There are two Unsolved Mysteries paranormal episodes in the Netflix remake, one in each volume of the series. Let’s take a look at both.

Unsolved Mysteries paranormal episode about UFOs

The first Unsolved Mysteries paranormal episode was “Berskshires UFO.” It was the fifth episode in volume 1.

It’s about an unexplained phenomenon that happened on Sept. 1, 1969, to the residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. They interview witnesses and potential abductees who describe seeing something unusual in the sky and then…

For some, that was it. They only remember seeing a bright light.

Others describe witnessing a flying saucer-like craft.

But the most chilling of all are those who recall “coming to” in a different place they last remember being before seeing the unusual phenomenon. Some also describe vague memories of “procedures” and strange beings administering them during that “lost time.”

It certainly sounds like they were abducted by aliens, and it seems like it might be fantastic and unbelievable if not for two things.

First, the way the episode is handled. It’s directed by the same man, Marcus A. Clarke, who directed the “Mystery on the Rooftop” episode (a.k.a. the Rey Rivera episode).

As Thrillist described it, Clarke “brings a touch of gravitas to the narrative.” Yes, he does. He covers both with great care and utmost respect.

Second, the witnesses are incredibly genuine. They’re not “out there” or “wacky.” They’re just everyday people who could be your friend, neighbor or even family member. They’re all very sincere when they share their stories, and they also come across a bit reluctant to tell them too.

That’s what makes it both seem so real and scary. If something like this could happen to them on a perfectly normal night, it could happen to anyone at any time.

Tsunami Spirits

The next Unsolved Mysteries paranormal episode is the fourth one in volume 2, “Tsunami Spirits.” It takes us to Japan, specifically Tohoku in the country’s northwest region, where survivors of the massive 9.1 magnitude earthquake that triggered a tsunami in March 2011 recount stories of encountering ghosts afterward.

However, it’s not your typical ghost story.

In some respects, it shares traits to the way we tell ghost stories. Like the taxi drivers who tell of picking up passengers, driving them to their specified destination, but when the taxi driver gets there and looks in the backseat, there’s no one there.

Or the people who answer their doors to strangers who are dripping wet requesting help. In one case, a woman gave the stranger a set of dry clothes to change into. After that more dripping wet strangers showed up.

It sounds unnerving, but that’s what makes these stories different. The Japanese view death and the afterlife differently. They’re not afraid of the ghosts. They don’t believe the spirits mean them any harm.

Instead, they believe the ghosts are traumatized by their deaths, don’t know they’re dead and are confused trying to return to homes they can’t find because the tsunami destroyed them. They believe the ghosts are grieving as much as the living.

So, no. Instead of fear, they’re full of compassion.

Again, like in the “Berkshires UFO” episode, everyone interviewed comes across as sincere, but also something else: still grieving.

According to Live Science, 15,894 people died, more than 2,500 are still missing and over 120,000 buildings were destroyed.  That’s a lot of mass trauma.

Maybe some survivors are seeing ghosts. Maybe it’s survivor’s guilt or a strange manifestation of grief and unresolved anguish, or a combination of it all. Whatever it is, this ghost episode is less creepy than it is thought-provoking…for a variety of reasons.

Overall, both Unsolved Mysteries paranormal episodes deal with mass experiences, one where multiple people report a UFO experience at the same time and another where multiple people report ghost encounters after a tragic event.

They are unnerving because the people involved are so normal. That’s what makes them scary. Because they deal with an unknown that’s presented in a plausible fashion, one where you can’t help but think, “Maybe aliens and ghosts are real…”

Which was your favorite of the Unsolved Mysteries paranormal episodes? Let us know!

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