Will Netflix release movies in theaters?

Marriage Story - Credit: Wilson Webb
Marriage Story - Credit: Wilson Webb /

Netflix brings all the joys of going to the movie theater right into your home. You can avoid high ticket prices and long concession lines by simply pushing a few buttons on your remote. Especially these last few months, when movie theaters have been closed due to the ongoing pandemic, Netflix has been an easy way to stay entertained.

However, going to the movies is a fun experience. Watching something on a big screen with fellow audience members is always a treat and seeing a Netflix movie in theaters would be great. Even though the whole point of a Netflix Original is that it comes right to the streaming platform, seeing one in theaters would be really interesting.

If you’re wondering if Netflix movies ever premiere in theaters, then we have an answer for you.

Do Netflix movies come to theaters?

Most Netflix films do not get a theatrical release, but that’s not always the case.

In fact, Netflix movies need to have a theatrical release so they can be nominated for and win Academy Awards. As we’ve previously reported, the film in question must have a minimum seven-day theatrical release in a Los Angeles theater in order to qualify for nomination.

As reported by The Verge, Netflix originals like Klaus, The Two Popes, Marriage Story, The Irishman​, The King, and The Laundromat​ all premiered on the big screen prior to their release on the streaming platform.

If you are desperate to see a Netflix movie in theaters, then it might be worth a trip to Los Angeles! That is, when it’s safe.

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