Narcos: Mexico season 3 is happening at Netflix, but there’s a catch

NARCOS MEXICO - Credit: Netflix
NARCOS MEXICO - Credit: Netflix /

Is Narcos: Mexico renewed for season 3?

Netflix announced Narcos: Mexico has been renewed for season 3. Finally. We’ve been waiting forever to hear that news.

Deadline reported the renewal news.

Narcos: Mexico season 2 premiered on Netflix in February, and since then, fans have been hoping the series would be renewed for a third season. We were starting to get a little worried that Narcos: Mexico would be canceled at Netflix. Most Netflix shows that have to wait eight months for the renewal usually do get canceled. Not Narcos: Mexico, though!

Diego Luna, who played Felix Gallardo in the first two seasons of Narcos: Mexico, will not return for season 3. It appears the story is moving past Gallardo and into the 1990s in season 3, according to the report. It will be interesting to see how the story moves forward and if another big actor is cast in the leading role in season 3 or if they proceed like they did with Narcos season 3 after Pablo Escobar was killed and Wagner Moura left the series.

According to the report, most of the cast from Narcos: Mexico season 2 will return for the new season, including Scoot McNairy, José Maria Yazpik, Alfonso Dosal, Mayra Hermosillo, Manuel Masalva, Gorka Lasaosa, Alberto Ammann, Matt Letscher, and Alejandro Edda.

Carlo Bernard, who is a co-creator of the series, is taking over as showrunner. Previously, Eric Newman oversaw production and everything else for the first five seasons of Narcos. He will remain an executive producer, according to the report.

When will Narcos: Mexico season be on Netflix?

That’s the big question. Deadline did not report a release date or an estimated production window. For now, fans should prepare for a long wait until we see Narcos: Mexico season 3 on Netflix.

First of all, we have to worry about production delays because of the pandemic. That’s the big thing holding up and slowing down TV and film production around the world right now.

On top of that, we’re getting the renewal news eight months after the last season was released. Typically, we have to wait a year from the start of production before the new season is released on Netflix.

At the earliest, we’ll see Narcos: Mexico season 3 on Netflix in the fall of 2021. It could be 2022 before we see the new season.

Stay tuned for more news about Narcos: Mexico season 3 on Netflix. We’ll share any news as soon as we find out.

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