Will Netflix show Game of Thrones?

Will Game of Thrones ever stream on Netflix?

You want to watch Game of Thrones, but you don’t have access to HBO. Will you ever be able to watch Game of Thrones on Netflix?

Game of Thrones is a HBO original series. It’s the biggest HBO series in recent years, bringing fantasy, wars for kingdoms, dragons, family drama, and more to our screens. It’s no wonder you want to watch it (whether for the first time or multiple times). Even the questionable ending will be something that some want to watch again.

Right now, it’s not on Netflix. You know that though, right? The question you have is whether Netflix will ever show Game of Thrones. Is this a show that could eventually come to your favorite streaming platform? We wish that was the case.

Game of Thrones likely won’t come to Netflix

We’re not going to say an outright no here. The truth is, we don’t know if the series will ever come to Netflix. What we do know is that it is unlikely.

There’s no way HBO is going to want to give up streaming the show. After all, it’s the biggest right now. It’s arguably bigger than some from the past. Why would HBO want to stop people subscribing to its service?

Crazy things do happen, though. And there are ways for Netflix to get the show without HBO losing it. Netflix could get the series under a non-exclusive license. These types of licenses don’t happen a lot, but they can be popular for some of the bigger properties.

If Netflix ever does get it, it’s going to be big news. We’ll keep you posted, but don’t count on it. There’s just little in it for HBO to license it unless it’s non-exclusive.

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