Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2: Ranking all the cold cases

Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix
Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /
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Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, photo via Netflix
Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, photo via Netflix /

Top Unsolved Mysteries cases

3. “Lady in the Lake”

Foul play is more of a probability in “Lady in the Lake.” The body prints in the snow don’t match that of someone who willingly walked into the lake, they also don’t match someone who accidentally fell.

JoAnn’s daughter hired several private investigators, all of who agree that JoAnn didn’t commit suicide. Nothing in her life was particularly falling apart for her to do so, and I don’t believe she would leave her children.

I believe JoAnn either accidentally died or was murdered. The position her car was in is also very suspicious. What did you think about this case?

2. “Death Row Fugitive”

This case just made me angry. Who thought it would be a good idea to allow a child murderer to go Christmas shopping among the public? Eubanks escaped too easily, it’s like he had help and a plan set up, even with the guards, which is probably what happened.

Justice was not served, I hope this episode is seen by someone who knows more about the case and can track Eubanks down.

1. “Stolen Kids”

What a tragedy! Child kidnappings are still too common, but for them to happen in the same area, the same park, it’s heartbreaking. As a parent, I can feel the mom’s pain. The bodies of the children have not been found, which gives us all hope that they are still out there, possibly under a new identity. Reuniting the children with their parents would be amazing. I hope this case gets solved for all the children involved.

Which mystery do you think will be solved from this season? Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are now streaming on Netflix.

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