Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2: Ranking all the cold cases

Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix
Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, photo courtesy Netflix /
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Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, photo via Netflix
Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, photo via Netflix /

Which Unsolved Mysteries case is best?

5. “A Death in Oslo”

It’s interesting that no one has reported this woman missing and no one seems to recognize who she is. It’s sad, really. However, I don’t believe this is impossible. The woman was young and appears to be a loner. I think it’s fairly possible that she truly didn’t have any friends or close family.

No one else was seen with her, and the security guard heard the gunshot, yet didn’t see anyone else come out. Sure, the hand placement was odd, but I still don’t believe there was any foul play.

4. “Washington Insider Murder”

This episode was a bit more interesting, but it does include the possibility that this was just an accident. As Jack Wheeler’s wife recalls, Jack was bipolar. He lost his briefcase and cell phone, which probably made him panic and he started to believe that it was stolen. After all, his job as a former White House aide would make anyone paranoid.

Jack was likely without his medication for long hours, as well. The theory of him climbing into the dumpster doesn’t seem all that impossible when you look at these facts. He had severe injuries, but they can be explained by being beaten around the dumpster and piles of trash. Someone younger may have made it out just fine or some bruising, but Jack was an older man (who seemed to already have trouble with a leg) and with a mental illness.

Still, it’s a sad case and the footage of him was heartbreaking to watch. It’s definitely strange, but I’m not sure many leads will come out of it. We’ll have to see!