25 most intriguing sci-fi movies on Netflix

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Sci-fi movies on Netflix: IO (2019)

Netflix’s library of original titles is very impressive, and one of them that truly stands out amongst the rest is the 2019 cerebral, science fiction drama IO. This intriguing story of love, loss, and moving on features a small but powerful A-list cast consisting of exemplary performances from its stars Altered Carbon’s Anthony Mackie and Death Note’s Margaret Qualley. The excellent post-apocalyptic feature takes place in a world where the atmosphere on Earth is toxic, and most of the humans have fled to a space station near the Jupiter moon IO.

Qualley plays Sam Walden, who is one of the few humans that stays behind with her father in the hope s fo saving the planet, but her long-distance boyfriend on the space station pleads with her to come and join him. Then a storm and mysterious stranger enter her world, and everything changes. She now must make the harrowing journey to the last shuttle launch off of Earth or be trapped on the poisoned planet forever. Along the way, she makes a game-changing discovery and must make a very difficult decision that could change everything. This perfectly paced sci-fi story is a definite must-see for Netflix subscribers all over the world.