25 most intriguing sci-fi movies on Netflix

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Sci-fi movies on Netflix: Shanghai Fortress (2019)

Shanghai Fortress is a 2019 sci-fi epic that is packed to the brim with sleek, stylish visuals and plenty of alien-fighting action offering up a stellar choice for any Netflix subscriber looking for an out of this world battle for the survival of Earth. While the movie definitely has pretty of battles with extraterrestrial enemies, it also features an exceptional love story adding to the overall experience of this international hit. Featuring great performances from Chinese stars Lu Han and She Qi, everything about this flick looks and feels like a big-time blockbuster, making hot something subscribers may want to invest time in.

The motion picture is based on Jiang Nan’s 2009 sci-fi novel and tells the story of the human race’s last stand in Shanghai, fighting against an alien race that arrived in 2035, where they wiped out all major cities in search of a hidden energy source called Xianteng. This final battle takes place years after the arrival in 2042, and the narrative focuses on a young man named Jiang Yang who falls in love with a heroic general who joins her in battle, hoping to stop this out of this world threat once and for all. There is no denying Shanghai Fortress has everything a Netflix subscribes could hope for and more when it comes to a must-watch sci-fi feature.