25 most intriguing sci-fi movies on Netflix

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Sci-fi movies on Netflix: Dark Skies (2013)

There is no question that Dark Skies is one of the most underrated sci-fi horror films that Netflix has to offer and anyone looking for an out of this world experience that will leave them sleeping with the lights on while wearing tin foil hats, then this 2013 featuring a frightening turn from Keri Russell should absolutely be in your orbit. There is no denying that re plenty of alien features that claim to terrify audiences only to unleash a mediocre carbon copy of those that came before. Luckily for Netflix subscribers, that I simply not the case with Dark Skies, and not only will it be a nightmare-inducing experience from the first scare all the way to the end, but it will also be a thought-provoking ordeal that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

This well crafted scary science fiction flick available on Netflix follows a normal family living in a run of the mill suburban neighborhood that receives some uninvited guests from out of town. They leave strange towers made from things in their house, and the family begins to end up in strange places at weird times with no memory of how it happened. A flock of birds suicide-bombs into their house like something is attracting them, leading them to learn that they may be part of an alien experiment of some kind. This heart-stopping, pulse-pounding thrill ride will have you guessing until the very end and possibly change one’s entire outlook on extraterrestrials. One thing that is for sure subscribers should realize is that Dark Skies is absolutely worth a watch if you think others are watching you.