25 most intriguing sci-fi movies on Netflix

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Sci-fi movies on Netflix: In The Shadow of the Moon (2019)

The best thing about sci-fi films is their uncanny ability to defy all expectations, and just when viewers think they know how the story will play out, each time the well-crafted narratives throw them new curveballs adding to the suspense and excitement. In The Shadow of the Moon is one of those films that is currently available on Netflix.

This mind-bending ordeal stars off in 1988, tracks a serial killer that leaves a strange mark on its victims as well as a gory mess. The killings defy all scientific explanations, and when he encounters the killer, she ends up being crushed by a subway train during the altercation. Nine years later, the killer returns, and the entire time the guy has been so obsessed with unraveling this mystery, it ends up putting his career, family, and sanity on the line.

In The Shadow of the Moon is directed by Jim Mickle, premiered at Fantastic Fest in 2019. The Netflix film features Narcos star Boyd Holbrook, The Last Man on Earth’s Cleopatra Coleman, and Dexter’s Michael C. Hall, all giving great performances. There is plenty of action and twists in this psychological thriller that explores the power of time in a very compelling manner resulting in another great title available in Netflix’s extensive library of exceptional sci-fi titles.