25 most intriguing sci-fi movies on Netflix

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Best Sci-fi movies on Netflix
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25 best sci-fi movies on Netflix

The great thing about the realm of science fiction is that the possibilities are literally endless, and any of the spectacular stories told within the genre can take people places they would never have imagined. Many of the impressive sci-fi movies can offer an enthralling escape along with a captivating premise that may very well stay with the viewers long after the credits roll. Luckily, for Netflix subscribers, the streaming powerhouse has a significant amount of thought-provoking sci-fi movies on Netflix with stories that span time, space, and even different dimensions.

Each of these stellar sci-fi movies on Netflix offers up some sincerely intriguing characters, fascinating perspectives, and stunning visuals, making the endeavor to explore as many of these brilliant motion pictures as all the more enticing. There is no shortage of amazing content to experience on Netflix, and it may be difficult to discover which adventures are worth embarking on and which ones are probably better left unseen.

Thankfully, I have searched every corner of the Netflix cosmos, which has resulted in 25 science fiction movie subscribers should put at the top of their watch list.

Sci-fi movies on Netflix: The Space Between Us (2017)

The real beauty of sci-fi is its ability to answer all sorts of remarkable questions, which is why The Space Between Us is definitely a title Netflix subscribers should check out. The film looks at what it would be like if someone was born on Mars and takes an interesting look at what it would be like for that individual to go to Earth for the first time. But that isn’t all this title has to offer as it also features a very compelling romantic story and a touching narrative about a boy trying to find the father he never met before time runs out.

The motion picture that rightfully earned an A- CinemaScore features some heavy hitters, including Academy Award winner Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, and Carla Gugino, who all give top tier performances adding to the value of this solid science fiction tale. Butterfield plays Gardner, the young man born on the Red Planet looking for answers on the blue planet, but because of several planetary factors, the martian boy will not survive on Earth very long. The interplanetary odyssey that goes down is an exceptional endeavor and will pique any subscriber’s curiosity from the moment it begins all the way to the end.