Happy Back to the Future Day: Watch the movies on Netflix

Back to the Future is one of the many great Netflix movies for 90s fans (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)
Back to the Future is one of the many great Netflix movies for 90s fans (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images) /

Are the Back to the Future movies on Netflix?

Happy Back to the Future Day!

Today is Oct. 21, and that is the day that Marty McFly and Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown went to the future in the second Back to the Future movie. It is a day celebrated by fans of the trilogy.

If you’re looking for the place to watch the Back to the Future movies, you are in luck because Netflix has all three movies available to stream.

You can revisit Hill Valley and experience some ’80s nostalgia at the same time in the first film that is set in 1985. You can then travel to the future and see that the year 2015 that was predicted didn’t come to fruition and finally end up in the wild west in1885 when Hill Valley was not much more than a dirt street with some buildings the famous clock tower was being built.

Bob Gale co-wrote the films with Robert Zemeckis, who was also the director. Gale based the films around the thought he had about whether he would have been friends with his father had they gone to school together.

The films feature many iconic actors, including Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen, Claudia Wells, Lea Thompson, James Tolkan, Crispin Glover and Tom Wilson. A few of the cast members played the same characters and/or relatives of their main characters during the time periods that were visited. The timeline runs from 1885-2015 and had to be a lot of fun for the actors to play and older and younger versions of the same character. Fox portrayed Marty McFly, older and younger versions and played his son and daughter in the future and a relative, Seamus McFly, in 1885. One funny tidbit is that Lloyd, who played Doc in the different timelines, never looked any younger or older throughout the three films.

The franchise is widely popular, given its expanse across TV, theme park rides, appeal, games, and toys. It is one of Universal’s most successful franchises.

All three movies are on the list of the 50 best Netflix movies to watch right now.

How are you celebrating Back to the Future day this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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