5 great Netflix shows to watch this weekend: Unsolved Mysteries and more

Unsolved Mysteries key art. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.)
Unsolved Mysteries key art. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.) /

Be sure to catch these great Netflix shows, including Unsolved Mysteries

The weekends should always include some downtime, which usually involves some binge-watching on Netflix. We are only halfway through October, and many great Netflix shows have been released this month and more that will release soon.

Check out these great recommendations to keep you entertained this weekend.

Unsolved Mysteries

Fans of Unsolved Mysteries only need to wait until Monday for the series’s second volume to release. For those who have yet to watch the first volume, this weekend will be perfect for getting caught up.

This series is a rebooted version of an original that started airing in the ’80s. Now, Netflix has brought us a new version with a batch of cases. This new series has received rave reviews from viewers.

Below is a clip from volume two, and it looks to be as exciting as volume one.

Social Distance

This new series anthology is brought to us by Hilary Weisman and Jenji Kohan, the creator of Orange Is the New Black. Social Distance is an eight-part series that focuses on how people have handled life during the beginning of the quarantine.

This series shows the true human spirit and how it can endure drastic lifestyle changes. Since this series was filmed during quarantine, everything was done remotely.

It is a very personal look at how everyone had to adapt and overcome during the pandemic’s early stages. We get an in-depth look at how relationships forced into such close proximity dealt with the day to day goings-on, a working mother who had to parent via webcam, family zoom calls, and all the chaos there.

A candid look at life during a pandemic.

Grand Army

Grand Army was recently released on Netflix, and Rotton Tomatoes has given it an 86% score.

This series introduces us to a group of five students in a large fictional Brooklyn high school. We follow these students through many situations that face teens today. It can be a bit controversial in some of its storylines.

Decider compared it to Degrassi mixed with Euphoria and a bit of 13 Reasons Why. Overall they recommend you stream it, stating the performances do give some hope for the series.

Dream Home Makeover

This series is exactly what you think from reading the title. Dream Home Makeover is a lot like other home improvement shows, and this one also gives a look into the show’s hosts’ own home makeover.

Hosts Shea and Syd McGee became popular when they started using Instagram to show off the design skills Shea possesses. Now they have made a new series using those skills.

In this series, they focus on remaking one room as opposed to the whole house. Although there may be nothing unique to this series, as a fan of these types of shows, it’s always fun to see a new design perspective and something new to watch since I have watched all the other series like this one.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

On Oct. 21, the third season of David Letterman’s series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction will release on Netflix. Currently, you can view the first two seasons to get caught up ahead of the newest one.

Letterman hosts many high-profile guests in the first two seasons, including Barack Obama, Jay-Z, Howard Stern, Kanya West, and Zach Galifianakis.  The interviews are conducted inside and outside of the studio and Letterman holds insightful conversations with his guests.

The third season is reported to have Dave Chappelle, Robert Downey Jr., Lizzo and Kim Kardashian West as the guests.

Reviewers have given praise to the series for being intelligent, insightful and the topics are more interesting than the standard late-night talk show conversations.

Which Netflix shows are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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