Will there be an All American season 3?

Will there be another season of All American?

All American is one of the best teen shows on TV right now. The series premiered on The CW in October 2018. So far, two seasons of the series have been released. Now, fans are wondering if All American season 3 is happening.

Both seasons of All American are available to stream on Netflix. All American season 2 was released on Netflix in the spring of 2020 and was one of the most-watched shows during that time period.

All American season 3 is happening at The CW. The network renewed the series for a third season earlier this year.

The show started filming its third season in the fall of 2020 in Los Angeles. There was a little hiccup with the start of production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but production on season 3 has resumed.

All American season 3 release date delayed

All American season 3 was expected to be released on The CW in October 2020. Under normal circumstances, it probably would have.

Unfortunately, 2020 is a far from a normal year. The COVID-19 pandemic caused The CW to bump all of its fall shows, including All American, back to a midseason release. That means, All American season 3 is slated for a January 2021 premiere.

The CW hasn’t announced the official premiere date yet. We’re expecting that will likely happen within in the next month or two.

Because All American season 3 has been delayed for The CW premiere, it also means that the Netflix release date for the new season of the TV series has also been delayed.

There will be 16 episodes in All American season 3, although it should be 22 episodes, so the final should air in the summer of 2021. Then, the full season will be added to Netflix eight days after the season finale.

For now, expect to see All American season 3 on Netflix in the summer of 2021.

Stay tuned for more news about All American season 3 on Netflix!