Billy might be coming back for Stranger Things season 4

Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix /

New photo teases Billy’s return in Stranger Things season 4

Since the end of Stranger Things season 3, we’ve been wondering if we’d see Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things season 4.

A new picture that Montgomery posted on social media is getting the fans excited about the possible return of Montgomery in Stranger Things season 4 as Billy.

At the end of Stranger Things season 3, Billy was killed by the Mind Flayer at the Starcourt Mall after Eleven reminded Billy about his mother.

After that scene, I think we all assumed Billy would not be returning for the new season and that would be the last we’d see of Montgomery in the most popular Netflix series. This new image casts doubt on that assumption.

That sure looks like Billy!

However, we don’t know when this photo was taken. Was it taken during season 3 production? The cast and crew filmed the finale around this time in 2018.

You’d think the other people in the photo would be wearing masks if it was taken this year.

Stranger Things season 4 is currently being filmed in Georgia.

Is Billy coming back for Stranger Things season 4?

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see new scenes with Dacre Montgomery in Stranger Things season 4, but I don’t think that the character is alive like some fans seem to believe. That was as gruesome of a death we’ve seen in Stranger Things, and I don’t think there’s any coming back for that.

I know there are some that believe that was the bad Billy and that the other Billy is alive in the Upside Down, but that doesn’t really make much sense. Why would the bad Billy turn on the Mind Flayer?

It totally makes sense that we’d see Billy in flashbacks, though. Joyce had flashbacks after Bob was killed. We know Max is taking Billy’s death especially hard. I would also assume that Eleven, who formed some kind of bond with Billy in season 3, would have flashbacks to some of Billy’s memories or that final battle with the Mind Flayer.

We’ll have to wait until Montgomery’s casting in season 4 is confirmed until we know for sure. It will be huge news if it ever happens!

Stay tuned for more news about Stranger Things season 4! We’re expecting the new season to be released on Netflix next year.

If it does premiere next year, Stranger Things season 4 will be the biggest Netflix show of the year.

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