Does the Emily in Paris Instagram account really exist?


One of the components that makes Emily in Paris, a fun modern-day fairytale, is the fact that Emily Cooper’s @emilyinparis Instagram account gains a big following fast. But does the Emily in Paris Instagram account really exist?

And if so, is it the same photos and videos that she posts during the Netflix original series?

I decided to do some research, and here’s what I found.

The Emily in Paris Instagram is real

Yes! The @emilyinparis does exist! Sort of.

It doesn’t belong to Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) like it does in the show. It’s the show’s account.

Are the Emily in Paris Instagram posts the same as on the show?

Again, yes and no.

Mostly the posts promote the series, such as cast and character shots as well as the trailer.

There are also short videos highlighting scenes from various episodes. Some have bold pink captions on them with memorable scene lines, such as, “Bonjour la plouc!”

That’s actually one of my favorites because it’s where Emily (Lily Collins) uses the translator on her phone to tell Julien (Samuel Arnold) what he can do with his greeting. Now I know where I can find it instantly whenever I’m in a need of a quick chuckle. It makes me laugh every time I see it!

My other favorite scene is when Mindy (Ashley Park) sings “La Vie En Rose.” That’s on the Emily in Paris Instagram account too. (And another scene I could watch over and over because she sings it so beautifully. It gives me chills every time!)

But there are also photos and videos that are posted on the @emilyinparis Instagram account during the show, like when Emily and Camille (Camille Razat) pose at a table outside a cafe, or when Emily posts the “eats the wall” strawberry video when she’s among the influencers invited to a Duree cosmetics event and she sets to work promoting the product.

There are also some scene mashups. The one with the big pink title that say “Bon appetite.” with “Yeah, try his meat Emily!” in yellow underneath is a compilation of some of the funniest risque dialogue and double entendres.

Which Emily in Paris Instagram has the most posts?

That’s a hard one to answer since the @emilyinparis account from the series doesn’t exist.

However, the show account has a good amount, but not excessive. I’d wager the one in the series would have more.

Which Emily in Paris Instagram has the most followers?

It seems no matter what Emily posts, her Instagram draws both a lot of likes and new followers. (An influencer’s dream, non?) She rapidly rises from a few followers to 250 followers to over 1,400 overnight, and then it keeps climbing from there.

She reaches over 25k by the season 1 ending. That’s super impressive, but the show’s @emilyinparis account has an even more impressive 728k!

Will Emily Cooper catch up to that in Emily in Paris season 2?

P.S. If you’re wondering about her cute phone case and if it’s real too, yep. Sure is!

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