Amy Adams and Glenn Close are unrecognizable in trailer for Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy

HILLBILLY ELEGY: (L to R) Glenn Close ("Mamaw”), Amy Adams (“Bev”). Photo Cr. Lacey Terrell/NETFLIX © 2020
HILLBILLY ELEGY: (L to R) Glenn Close ("Mamaw”), Amy Adams (“Bev”). Photo Cr. Lacey Terrell/NETFLIX © 2020 /

Buckle up, everybody, because I have some fabulous news. There’s a new movie called Hillbilly Elegy coming to Netflix this fall starring two of the greatest actresses of our time: Amy Adams and Glenn Close. That duo holds so much talent and star-power that I would literally them act in any movie together, regardless of genre.

I am a huge fan of Amy Adams. Movies like Enchanted, American Hustle, Arrival, Big Eyes, and The Fighter are some of my all-time favorite films. Adams also stole the show as Camille Preaker in the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects, which I have rewatched yearly since it premiered in 2018.

I could go on about Amy Adams all day, but we can’t forget to praise the amazing Glenn Close. Some of her most notable projects include The World According to Garp, Hook, The Big ChillThe Natural, Fatal Attraction, and Dangerous Liaisons.

Close also provided the voices for Cruella DeVil in 101 Dalmatians, Kala in Tarzan, and Granny in Hoodwinked!

As reported by People, Amy Adams and Glenn Close are set to star in a film called Hillbilly Elegy, which will premiere on Netflix on November 24 after a limited theater release. The film is based on the memoir of the same name by J.D. Vance.

Directed by Ron Howard, Hillbilly Elegy will be from J.D.’s point of view and will explore the volatile relationship between his mother Bev (Amy Adams) and his grandmother (Glenn Close), who is known as Mawmaw.

Raised in poverty and dealing with the effects of his mother’s drug abuse, J.D. must make tough decisions in order to live a better life. As reported by IMDb, the film will also star Haley Bennett, Freida Pinto, and Bo Hopkins, with Gabriel Basso playing J.D..

As you can see in the trailer, Adams and Close are basically unrecognizable in Hillbilly Elegy. There is no glamour to be seen. Gone are the tailored looks that we’re used to seeing, replaced instead with wild hairdos and tired eyes. It’s not what we’re used to seeing from these actresses, which is what makes Hillbilly Elegy all the more exciting.

You can watch the trailer for Hillbilly Elegy below.

Don’t miss this movie when it heads to Netflix next month!

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