Dexter season 9 starring Michael C. Hall is happening at Showtime

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Will Dexter be back for season 9?

Dexter is officially back from the dead! According to a report from TV Line, Dexter season 9 is happening at Showtime.

Michael C. Hall is set to reprise the role of Dexter Morgan in the new season of the series.

According to TV Line, the new season is a 10-episode limited series. It sounds like there are no plans to continue the series beyond season 9, but, I mean, who knows at this point? The show is coming back for season 9 on Showtime, so anything is possible.

Dexter ran for eight seasons on Showtime from 2006 to 2013. All eight seasons of the series have been streaming on Netflix since the streaming service started, basically. So, if you still aren’t caught up yet, you have plenty of time to watch all eight seasons before the ninth season premieres on Showtime.

TV Line is reporting that Dexter season 9 is scheduled to begin production sometime this winter. The ninth season will likely be released on Showtime in the fall of 2021.

Obviously, there is a lot of uncertainty right now in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and TV/film production. If there are no major delays, Dexter season 9 should be ready for a fall 2021 premiere. If there are major delays, the release date could be pushed back.

It’s unclear what the new season will be about or who will be in it. Hall is what holds the show together as the title character. At the end of the series, we saw Dexter move away from Miami and become a lumberjack. It’s likely he won’t remain one for much longer.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Dexter season 9 comes together. I know I’ll be watching it!

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