The Haunting of Bly Manor: What happened to Peter?

What really happened to Peter on The Haunting of Bly Manor?

Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays complex characters so well, and that’s exactly what Peter Quint is on The Haunting of Bly Manor.

The story surrounding him was that he embezzled a load of money and then ran off. Everyone believed that to be the case, but deep down, we knew that didn’t happen. Peter was somehow trapped on the grounds of Bly Manor.

The question for many was how. What happened to him in the story?

Peter never ran away on The Haunting of Bly Manor

Peter didn’t get the chance to run away, although that was the initial plan. He didn’t leave Becca behind.

The night he was going to leave, he saw Miles and Flora out of their beds. We watched it all play out as Hannah started memory and time jumping as she learned what had happened to herself.

Peter was in the hallway as the Lady in the Lake walked up the stairs and to her bedroom. Peter was simply in her path, and she killed him in the bedroom and pulled his body to the lake. He didn’t realize he was dead at first, but seeing his body being dragged out of the house told him everything that happened.

That was also when he learned he could possess humans, and routinely possessed Miles.

Peter attempted to get off the grounds

As a ghost, Peter learned he couldn’t get off the Bly Manor grounds. Nor did he really want to without Becca. While she was alive, he would possess her, but Becca had enough of constantly being tucked away.

Peter realized that humans could invite ghosts in, allowing the ghosts a permanent home in the body. Becca did that, but it still meant the two were separated. With Becca in a memory, Peter killed Becca. Of course, it looked like a suicide. Becca didn’t gain back control until it was too late.

Continuing to control Miles, Peter caused some trouble at Bly Manor. He was the one who pushed Hannah down the well.

After that, Peter and Becca decided to use Miles and Flora to get off the grounds. However, only Peter did it successfully with Becca telling Flora it wasn’t a good idea.

In the end, Peter’s ghost was released from the grounds along with all the other ghosts thanks to Dani’s sacrifice. We can believe that he moved on, or maybe he’s forever trapped in that memory with his mom that he viewed as hell.

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