How much would you pay to own Stranger Things memorabilia?

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Now’s your chance to own a unique piece of Stranger Things memorabilia, for a price

Movie and television memorabilia is a lucrative industry. You never really know how much people are willing to pay because some items have sentimental value so they’re willing to pay a pretty penny for things that might be considered inconsequential. There’s a unique piece of Stranger Things memorabilia floating around eBay and while it’s unique, the price restricts it to serious buyers only.

If you have ever wanted to own a piece of Stranger Things merchandise, now’s your chance. There’s an account on eBay auctioning off a plastic bag from Starcourt Mall and the listing begins at $450.

Yes, $450 for a plastic bag, and one with a tear in it at that.

The yellow bag can be seen in the show’s third season, which had many scenes at Starcourt Mall. Malls were very popular in the 1980s and served as a hangout hub for teens. That was a big part of season 3’s appeal, as the nostalgia factor was strong for fans who grew up when malls were at their prime.

These days malls have lost their luster, with many malls across the country shuttering as a result of online retail taking over the lion’s share of the market. However, Stranger Things and the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 have really ignited the nostalgia factor, and that’s what makes this piece of memorabilia so special.

According to the listing, the bag was obtained from a friend who worked on set for Stranger Things 2 and 3 so the bag was an actual prop that was used for filming. A portion of the purchase price will go to an animal welfare foundation.

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If you’re a big Stranger Things fan then this might be the perfect item to add to your collection, or it might not be your cup of tea. What do you think? Is this bag something you’d pay top dollar for just so you can have a little bit of Stranger Things in your life? Let us know in the comments!