The Haunting of Bly Manor: What happened to Hannah?

Explaining the mystery of Hannah on The Haunting of Bly Manor

There were plenty of mysteries surrounding characters on The Haunting of Bly Manor. Hannah Grose, the housekeeper, raised questions from the start. It’s time to explain what happened to her.

Questions arose from the second we met her. She was starring at something down the well, but nobody seemed to care that she was looking down there. In fact, it would have been forgotten about by many, but it would later play a big role.

The questions continued as she’d always avoid eating in front of people. She either wasn’t hungry or she’d previously eaten, which made it clear she was hiding something. And then there was the question of the crack that kept showing up.

What happened to Hannah on The Haunting of Bly Manor?

We’d have a full episode to explore Hannah’s past and the things that had happened to her. She wasn’t hiding anything. It turns out she just didn’t remember what had happened to her.

In one episode, we got the answers. Hannah kept jumping into memories, with one that she’d keep coming back to. It was the day she interviewed Owen for the position of cook that led to us finding out the truth.

Eventually, we’d head to the day Dani arrived. Peter possessed Miles and pushed Hannah down the well. Hannah’s ghost was the person we met from the beginning. She was staring down the well at her own body.

Finally, everything was explained. The crack she was seeing was the crack in the wall of the well, the last thing Hannah would have seen before her neck snapped. Hannah’s neck snapping back in one of the memories was the snap of the neck when she fell. Her constant feeling of not really being in the moment was because she’d keep going into memories in the way that ghosts do.

However, Hannah was constantly fighting against the idea of being dead. She’d dream up new clothes and continue her job as housekeeper, which was something Peter was jealous of.

In the end, Hannah had to admit her death. She told Henry that she was down the well.

It was a bittersweet ending, especially as Hannah and Owen were just so perfect for each other. Fortunately, Dani’s sacrifice meant Hannah’s body wasn’t tied to Bly Manor forever. She would get to move on.

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