5 biggest moment from Lovecraft Country: Episode 9, “Rewind 1921”

Lovecraft Country season 1. Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO
Lovecraft Country season 1. Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO /

Lovecraft County episode 9 recap

There is no denying that the first run of HBO‘s hit series from Misha Green, Lovecraft Country, has been a wild nightmare-inducing ride packed to the brim with supernatural suspense and boatloads of intriguing endeavors that have fans extremely excited to see how it will all play out in the end. The penultimate installment took our heroes to the past in order to protect their future and possibly even the odds against Christina Braithwrite’s sinister intentions.

“Rewind 1921” sees the return of Hippolyta from her interdimensional odyssey only to find her daughter is cursed, forcing them to return to the multiverse machine and go back to the night the Tulsa race massacre began back in 1921 to retrieve the book of names before it goes up in flames along with Tic’s family. This episode is full of enticing revelations setting the tone for an epic magical showdown in the season’s final installment, and out of everything that went down, here are the top five most significant moments from the ninth iteration of Lovecraft Country.

1. Captain Lancaster’s fate

Last week, we saw a Shoggoth tear through Captian Lancatser’s corrupt police force like tissue paper, and that also included watching the magic-wielding law enforcement official get mauled by the many-eyed beast. A lot of us thought that was it for the nefarious evildoer, but it would appear that Christina had other intentions in regard to the good Captian’s punishment for attempting to kill William.

Captain Lancaster is very much alive, and his clueless minions are running out of options after killing innocent black men to try and sew new parts on their leader, as previously seen. Their methods aren’t working, and Lancaster is in great pain throughout the heinous process.

The rune that Christina had Ruby place in Lanacsater’s desk back in episode 5 made it so Lancaster would die and regenerate experiencing the agony of a thousand deaths, which is what happens to William every time she transforms back into herself after using the potion to look like him.

2. Destination: 1921

There is only one way to stop the curse on Diana, and that means getting the Book of Names, which burnt up back in 1921 during the Tulsa race massacre. Hippolyta, having been given an interstellar upgrade from her adventures, knows that the Multiverse machine is their only hope, and she has the means to get it to work.

Using her new abilities, Hippolyta opens a wormhole for Tic, Leti, and Montrose to use to return to 1921. When they enter the past, things are difficult for Montrose, having relived these awful events in his head for all these years, and it forces Leti and Tic to split up to find him and get the book before they run out of time. Along the way, they make some impactful discoveries and see some horrible acts of unnecessary violence in the process.

3. Atticus is the mysterious stranger

Atticus finds Montrose watching the boy he had feelings for as a child gets shot and stops him from interfering, so they don’t mess up the timeline. Then they witness George, Montrose, and Tic’s mother get cornered by a group of racists white folk with little hope of survival. Montrose reveals to Tic that they never told anyone about the mysterious stranger who came out of nowhere with a bat and saved them.

When he tells Tic, the man said to him, “I got you, kid,” he is reminded of the dream he had back in the first episode when Jackie Robinson saved him from Cthulu. Atticus sees there is a bat on the ground close by, and Montrose realizes his son was the mysterious stranger. Tic goes into the situation swinging taking every evil bigot out one hit at a time, saving his family, and making sure he will exist.

4. Leti watches it all burn

While Atticus was off looking for Montrose, Leti had the all-important task of retrieving the book of Names from Tic’s ancestor. She manages to get to the house but is unable to find the book. Letitia is then caught by Hattie, one of Tic’s ancestors while snooping, who is held at gunpoint and forced to tell their supernatural tale of magic and time travel. Hattie believes her, and despite wanting to save her family, she accepts her fate and gives Leti the book hidden behind a picture frame along with the instructions on how to open it.

The house begins to burn, and Leti stays with Hattie to pray with her before she dies. Thanks to Christina’s protection spell, Letitia is immune from the fire but is forced to watch Hattie burn alive. Then she makes the harrowing walk down the streets of Tulsa with death and mayhem all around her and bombs being dropped from the sky like a warzone. It’s one thing to hear about these awful occurrences but to experience them firsthand is something else entirely.

5. Hippolyta’s blue hair

Atticus is the first one back through the portal, where he finds Hippolyta struggling to keep the machine open. She begins to levitate in her attempts to keep the wormhole form closing before Montrose and. Leti can make it through.

The power she utilizes to hold backspace and time end up turning her hair blue. All three make it back to their present, and Hippolyta survives the endeavor barely. But the question is, how has this ordeal affected her newfound abilities, and will this all come in handy when the final episode arrives? All that and more will hopefully be answered in the highly anticipated Lovecraft Country season finale.

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