What is the scariest season of American Horror Story?

AMERICAN HORROR STORY -- "Devil's Night" Episode 504 (Airs Wednesday, October 28, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Evan Peters as Mr. March. CR: Suzanne Tenner/FX
AMERICAN HORROR STORY -- "Devil's Night" Episode 504 (Airs Wednesday, October 28, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Evan Peters as Mr. March. CR: Suzanne Tenner/FX /

Which American Horror Story season is best and scariest?

When it comes to the iconic Ryan Murphy franchise, American Horror StoryI don’t believe there are two single fans who can agree on which season is the best, much less the scariest of them all.

American Horror Story premieres on FX and has for the past ten years. Currently, fans of the long-running horror-drama are anticipating the arrival of season 10, which Ryan Murphy has teased details about but not yet revealed much just yet.

For the most part, the cast has remained the same. Or, at least, there are several who have stuck with the series and returns to take on another role. This is one of the many things we love so much about AHS, the cast! Murphy certainly knew what he was doing when he put the cast together.

However, not every season has been a major hit. We are not here to break down which season has been the best (or worst), though. Instead, in full Halloween spirit, let’s rank the seasons from least to most scary.

Please note: Everyone will likely have a different opinion, so here is just our take! Also, feel free to read on with ease as there are no spoilers ahead!

Scariest seasons of American Horror Story, ranked

9. American Horror Story: Murder House

Before you throw something at me, let me go on record and say that Murder House is probably my favorite season. It’s brilliantly done and an amazing introduction to the series. But if we are ranking this by the fear factor, Murder House isn’t it.

Murder House is more emotional and character-driven and doesn’t feature many frights that don’t pull at our heartstrings. For that, we are ranking this last.

8. American Horror Story: Cult

I’m sorry, but Cult is barely enjoyable. The only thing frightening about it is how terrible it was written. If this is your first time watching the series and you don’t know where to start, don’t do it with Cult. In fact, feel free to leave this one out.

7. American Horror Story: Apocalypse

I thought the story was just fine here and the characters were fun, but scary? Not really. It was pretty awesome watching the witches from Coven battle it out with the devil, but that was epic, not scary.

6. American Horror Story: 1984

If you love slasher films with a twist, you’ll probably enjoy AHS: 1984 a bit more than I did. Loved the vibe and characters, but the jump scares were cheap and just never scared me as other seasons did. Still, it’s very much worth a watch!

5. American Horror Story: Coven

Absolutely watch this season, it is one of my favorites! Some stories featured here are really messed up, in a frightening way. You will definitely turn off the episode and still think about the haunting images for days! Not the scariest season, but enough spooks to thrill.

4. American Horror Story: Roanoke

This is another season that I didn’t find all that entertaining. However, I always tuned in to catch the new episodes live because I found the scares to be great! Not to mention, there is a lot of mystery surrounding Roanoke, you’ll keep coming back for more.

3. American Horror Story: Freak Show

Freak Show truly divides fans. Many love it, and just as many don’t. In my opinion, it’s simply not one I would recommend to AHS newbies. One thing is for sure, though, the images and fate of the characters are haunting! As far as a disturbing factor goes, Freak Show will mess you up for sure.

2. American Horror Story: Hotel

AHS: Hotel may not be as disturbing as Freak Show, but wow does it leave you with nightmares. Even the teasers for the season and trailers were leaving me feeling uneasy. Let’s just say there is horror hiding at every corner. The story is also well-done, which helps the frights not seem so pointless.

1. American Horror Story: Asylum

I’m often going back and forth between naming Murder House and Asylum my favorite American Horror Story season. I just can’t decide. To me, Asylum just has it all.

There are real fears in Asylum, very disturbing situations, the fates of some characters are depressing and frightening, and the characters are some of the best in the entire franchise. I highly recommend Asylum as a first season and also to watch for some real fears.

Which season of American Horror Story do you believe is the scariest?

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