GLOW canceled at Netflix after three seasons and season 4 renewal

Photo: GLOW: Season 3.. Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix
Photo: GLOW: Season 3.. Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix /

GLOW canceled at Netflix

We have some bad news for those waiting for GLOW season 4 on Netflix. GLOW has been canceled at Netflix and will not be returning for season 4, according to a report from Deadline.

The streaming network announced the popular series starring Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin would return for season 4 in 2019. Production was slated to start earlier this year, but it was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

We were still expecting to see GLOW season 4 on Netflix in 2021, but that’s not happening now.

This is shocking news for all Netflix fans. We knew the pandemic would affect a lot of decisions regarding renewals and cancellations, but we thought Netflix would honor previous renewals. The first show Netflix canceled after a renewal was The Society, and that was announced earlier this summer.

At the time, I thought Netflix would likely avoid canceling higher profile shows after renewals, even if it meant delaying them for years if they needed to. Obviously, that was wrong.

Why Netflix canceled GLOW

As the Deadline report mentions, GLOW is one of the worst shows for filming during the pandemic. The show has a huge cast that requires them to be in the same room, basically, for all the wrestling scenes. Additionally, there’s so much physical content and close scenes in this show. Netflix made the decision that continuing production was too risky.

We also have to consider the cost. It’s expensive to test all these performers and crew every day.

With the large cast, the cost, and the inability to keep the cast and crew safe, there was likely no way Netflix could move forward with this series without major delays.

Obviously, this is a huge bummer for fans of GLOW. I really wanted to see how this story was going to end. There just aren’t many shows like GLOW on TV right now, and to see it end this way is tough.

We’ll let you know if there are any more developments about GLOW season 4.

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