Is Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline in Stranger Things season 2?

OUTER BANKS - Credit: Jackson Davis/Netflix
OUTER BANKS - Credit: Jackson Davis/Netflix /

What episode of Stranger Things is Madelyn Cline in?

Outer Banks starring Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes is one of the most popular teen shows on Netflix right now. Fans of the hit series that premiered in April were shocked to learn Madelyn Cline, who stars as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks, is also in Netflix’s most popular show, Stranger Things

Cline doesn’t have a big role in Stranger Things. Cline appears in the Stranger Things season 2 premiere, “MADMAX,” and the second episode of season 2, “Trick or Treat, Freak.”

In the series, Cline plays Tina, one of the girls who go to Hawkins High School. We don’t get to see a lot of Tina.

The most important scene we see Tina in is when Billy and Max arrive at school. Billy walks Tina and Carol in the school parking lot. He’s wearing denim on denim while smoking a cigarette. When he passes Tina, she says “Would you check out that ass? Just look at it go.”

We also see Tina in another scene. In the school, she’s handing out flyers for her Halloween party. She hands one to Nancy, who takes two and gives a flyer to Jonathan.

Later, we see Nancy and Steve at the party at Tina’s house. They get into a major argument that changes the course of the season.

Tina doesn’t appear in any other episodes of Stranger Things season 2. Cline also did not return to play the character in Stranger Things season 3.

Unfortunately, we likely won’t see Cline in Stranger Things season 4 either. That would be really cool, though, if Netflix was able to make it happen somehow. It’d definitely be a good thing for bringing Outer Banks fans to Stranger Things and Stranger Things fans to Outer Banks. 

Cline isn’t the only Outer Banks star to appear in Stranger Things. Chase Stokes, who stars as John B., Sarah’s love interest, in Outer Banks, also appeared in the Netflix series.

In the first season, Stokes played Reed, a teenager who comments about “Nancy’s movie” after Tommy spray paints something awful about Nancy on the marquee of the Hawkins movie theater.

Outer Banks season 2 started production in August 2020. Stranger Things season 4 resumed production at the end of September.

Stay tuned for more news about each Netflix show!

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