What movies on Netflix are actually scary?

1999 Johnny Deep Stars In The Movie 'Sleepy Hollow.' (Photo By Getty Images)
1999 Johnny Deep Stars In The Movie 'Sleepy Hollow.' (Photo By Getty Images) /
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what movies on Netflix are actually scary
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Is The Perfection actually scary?

The Perfection lives up to its name for several reasons, including the fact that it is a twisted taut thriller that is completely unpredictable with some of the most shocking moments ever found in any Netflix original film.

The 2019 psychological horror flick proves to be as intoxicating as it is captivating every step of the way and provides subscribers with an unforgettable narrative capped off by a powerfully haunting final act. There is no shortage of jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, visuals, and surprises resulting in one of the most buzzed-about horror entries the streaming service has developed under its distinguished banner.

Get Out’s Allison Williams, who plays Charlotte Wilmore, a troubled music prodigy who was forced out of the spotlight to attend to her sick mother. Now that she has passed, signs that Charlotte’s sanity may be in question are apparent as she makes her way to witness the new prodigy that took her place play at a concert in Shanghai. Lizzie, played by Dear White People’s Logan Browning, ends up hooking up with Allison and taking a day trip with her only to become very sick with bugs crawling under her skin. Charlotte offers a meat cleaver as the obvious solution in the most normal manner. Form there on out, things only get crazier, and the end result is a drop-dead fantastic horror movie that Netflix does not get enough credit for.