What movies on Netflix are actually scary?

1999 Johnny Deep Stars In The Movie 'Sleepy Hollow.' (Photo By Getty Images)
1999 Johnny Deep Stars In The Movie 'Sleepy Hollow.' (Photo By Getty Images) /
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what movies on Netflix are actually scary
Photo: Ted Raimi (“Possessed Henrietta”) stars in EVIL DEAD 2.. Image Courtesy Lionsgate Entertainment /

Is Evil Dead actually scary?

Back in 1981, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead was regarded as the most ferociously original horror film of the year, and now almost four decades later, this classic flick still holds up as a great supernatural cult film.

This iconic piece of cinema has spawned several sequels, a reboot, and a TV series, but nothing ever comes to close to the brilliance that is the original. The film has been severed by many as one of the greatest horror films of all time and one of the most successful independent films making this arguably one of the best titles available on Netflix that defiantly stands above the rest.

Bruce Campbell brings Ash Williams to life in this cringe-worthy tale about a rural getaway in Tennessee going devilishly wrong. The cabin they are staying at holds a dark secret and beneath its floors lies terrifying things, including the Naturom Demonto, the Sumerian version of the Egyptian book of the dead. When they play a recording of an incantation, a demonic entity is released, wreaking havoc on the inhabitants in all sorts of hair-raising ways, including  Deadites all the way too sadistic trees. There is no denying that Evil Dead is one of those horror films that is just as scary the first time and never gets old.